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BBC interview with our India expert, Sarah Williams

Our India travel specialist, Sarah Williams, discusses travel to India on BBC Radio Surrey. Listen on iPlayer.

Headeast - Vietnam to Cambodia Extreme Cycle Challenge

Rugby stars Lewis Moody and Josh Lewsey will cycle from Saigon to Angkor Wat on a G&M expedition in Dec 2016.

Gane and Marshall news

BBC interview with our India expert, Sarah Williams

India is top of the travel news this week, with Prince William and Kate Middleton's royal tour, as well as the wonderful news of an increase in tiger numbers (the first reported rise in over a century!) catching the headlines.

Our India expert, Sarah Williams, was on BBC Radio Surrey this morning to discuss what makes India such a wonderful country to visit.

You can listen to Sarah's interview on BBC iPlayer (skip to 2hrs39mins):


Headeast - Vietnam to Cambodia Extreme Cycle Challenge

Gane and Marshall are the organisers of the upcoming headeast extreme cycle challenge.

In December 2016, Y.CO Co-Founders Gary Wright and Charlie Birkett will take on the headeast challenge with Rugby World Cup Winner Lewis Moody MBE, explorer Alan Chambers MBE and 3 other rugby stars. The event will see the team embark on an extreme 1,000km cycle challenge over 10 days, travelling from Saigon in southern Vietnam to Angkor Wat in northern Cambodia, cycling up to 130km per day. The route takes in steep mountain climbs of up to 1,500 metres above sea level, dense jungles and remote temples, in humid conditions and temperatures of 30-35ºC.

The headeast event follows our 2015 headnorth Polar Expedition in which Y.CO staff raised over €250,000 for charity. This time, the team aims to raise over £75,000 for The Lewis Moody Foundation, which helps fund the HeadSmart campaign to raise awareness of the symptoms of brain tumours, ensuring children are diagnosed quickly and receive lifesaving treatment before it’s too late.

Visit the headeast website to learn more.

Tigers on the rise! Tiger populations recovering.

For the first time in a century, tigers are on the increase! This is the wonderful news to be taken from the latest WWF survey, which suggests that the number of wild tigers has grown from an estimated 3,200 in 2010 to 3,890 today.

You can read more on the survey at the WWF website: https://www.worldwildlife.org/stories/for-the-first-time-in-100-years-tiger-numbers-are-growing

With the recent news that Cambodia is looking to reintroduce tigers to the forests of Mondulkiri in the coming years, the outlook for wild tigers is beginning to look more positive after years of negative news.

The efforts of conservationists have been crucial to seeing tiger number rebound, but tourism, too, has played an important role in helping to preserve the natural habitats that tigers depend on, particularly in India.

Read about our Arctic expeditions in the Telegraph

Our Into the Arctic with Alan Chambers and North Pole expeditions featured in this weekend's Telegraph in a fantastic article written by Paul Bloomfield.

You can read Paul's account of his trip with Gane and Marshall on the Telegraph website.

Yellow Fever Vaccination Study

Researchers at King's College London are looking for healthy donors aged 18-40 or 55+ that are travelling abroad and require the yellow fever vaccine, and who are willing to donate 4 blood samples over a period of one month prior to travel. This is a chance to help with important research into how the immune response changes with age, while also receiving your yellow fever vaccination free of charge (normally £85).

From the researchers:
We know that the immune response to vaccines is diminished as we get older. We are investigating the B cell response to yellow fever vaccination with age and require both older and younger volunteers for comparison. We would like healthy volunteers between the ages of 18 and 40 or those over 55 that are travelling abroad and require the yellow fever vaccine who are willing to give a small amount of blood and receive the vaccine. Three further blood samples would be required, one 7 days later, one 14 days later and one 28 days later. The vaccine is being administered free of charge to those that are participating in the study.

For further details about the study and to volunteer please contact Dr. Joselli Silva O’Hare, Department of Immunobiology, King’s College London, Guy’s Hospital, London SE19RT, email: joselli.santos_silva@kcl.ac.uk or deborah.dunn-walters@kcl.ac.uk. You can also find out more about our research at http://www.bcell.org.uk/volunteer-s-page.html

Headnorth North Pole expedition reaches North Pole successfully.

Gane and Marshall is the appointed tour operator for the Headnorth North Pole expedition, whichtook place this April.

Headnorth is the concept of Y.CO, a yacht charter specialist company and the sponsor for this polar challenge. Our polar guide Alan Chambers MBE led three rugby celebrities, three Royal Marines and three team members from Y.CO, who  all skied the last degree to the North Pole – the top of the world! Congratulations to the nine adventurers.

The North Pole challenge is an exceedingly tough expedition, which takes place in one of the harshest climatic zones on our planet.

You can read about the successful expedition on the Headnorth website.

To learn more about Gane and Marshall's North Pole and other Arctic expeditions, including our unique Into the Arctic with Alan Chambers North Pole taster trips, click here.

New holidays to Australia and New Zealand

We're very pleased to announce that we've just launched a new series of Australian self-drive adventures and guided tours, including the chance to visit Tasmania’s new Pumphouse Point hotel and ride the road in a classic airstream caravan.

Visit our Australia pages for a series of journeys in the key regions of New South Wales, the Northern Territory, Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia.

Our tours of Australia include self-drive itineraries, guided tours and a combination of the two, taking in the key highlights and hidden gems of the country, including Oz’s cosmopolitan cities, stunning beaches, amazing wildlife experiences and diverse landscapes.

To complement our new Australia holidays, we've also prepared some exciting itineraries to New Zealand, combining the country's fascinating culture, heritage and scenery.

We will soon be updating our menus to include the newly launched Australia and New Zealand pages. For now, you can visit these pages directly using the following links:

Australia Holidays

New Zealand Holidays

BBC documentary of expedition organised by GandM now available on iplayer and youtube

Gane and Marshall are the official travel organisers of the Extreme Classroom series of events, in which special needs students embark on life-changing expeditions.

The latest in the Extreme Classroom series was an expedition to Everest Base Camp, Nepal, in October 2013. Eight special needs students completed the trek to Everest Base Camp, accompanied by an extensive support team, including a BBC film crew. A documentary of the event, "The Highest Classroom on Earth", is now available on IPlayer.

The Highest Classroom on Earth documentary (youtube : iplayer)

Previous Extreme Classroom expeditions organised by Gane and Marshall were also filmed by the BBC and are available to view on youtube and on iplayer:

The Coldest Classroom on Earth documentary (youtube : iplayer)

The Hottest Classroom on Earth documentary (youtube : iplayer)

To learn more about our school programmes, click here.

The Rock Churches of Tigray

Recently returned after visiting the famous Historic Route in Ethiopia, Jeremy Gane saw for the first time some of the wonderful Rock Churches of Tigray. Carved between the 4th and 11th centuries AD, these churches (over 150 exist in Tigray!) are found in caves, on mountain tops, and carved as semi-monoliths into the rocks of plateau and escarpment. Each church shows the incredible Christian devotion of the early Ethiopian church goers. Today the religious devotion is equally apparent and this year we were lucky to witness the end of Lent devotions and Easter being celebrated.

Gane and Marshall will be organising a walking and camping expedition to Tigray soon.  We shall also be organising several fully-guided tours around the entire Historic Route in Ethiopia including visits to some of the most scenic Tigray churches.

Contact Gane and Marshall if you are interested to join one of these tours.

Have a look at the album of photos from Jeremy's Tigray visit on our Facebook pages.


Bat Migration in Zambia, Safari Offers in Tanzania for 2014

Bat migration in Zambia!

Special small group safari offers in Tanzania.

Click here to read more.

Rongai6 Kilimanjaro Good or Bad?

In order to maximise your safety and summit success chances Gane and Marshall now only offer Rongai 6 if it follows  an acclimatisation safari or trek. 

We offer the wonderful four days Mount Meru Climb and also  our unique Short Altitude Acclimatisation Safari to the Ngorongoro Crater Highlands. Meru takes you to 4565ms nearly 15,000ft. The Crater Highlands Safari will take you and your friends to over 3200ms - over 10,000ft - after a visit to world famous Ngorongoro Crater. Take the additional Crater Highlands option to trek up nearby Ol Deani, and then reach  3216ms/10548ft. or Loolmolassin and reach 3658ms nearly 12,000ft!

Book this great value safari to take place before you climb Kilimanjaro so that you arrive on the mountain already acclimatised up to 3200ms./10496ft.! Or go for our great Meru-Kilimanjaro Combo taking you up Africa's fourth and Africa's highest mountains!

Is Zanzibar safe? BBC interview with Jeremy Gane

The team at Gane and Marshall were shocked to hear the recent news of an acid attack on two young British girls working in Zanzibar. Tanzania and Zanzibar are, on the whole, remarkably peaceful destinations, with attacks on tourists very rare, and attacks of the kind described unheard of.

Following news of the attacks, Jeremy Gane was invited to interview on BBC Radio 5 Live and BBC Radio West Midlands. Here he discusses Zanzibar’s history, it’s Swahili culture, and the impact of tourism more generally. The interviews can be heard on iPlayer via the following links:

http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b037v2v4 (interview at 6:18 mins)
http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p01d449g (interview at 51:45 mins)

IPADIO communications from the Poles to the Roof of the World

Dr Mark Smith CEO of IPADIO is to sponsor completely free of charge the streaming of film and blog content live from the Highest Classroom Everest Base Camp Expedition back to a variety of platforms in the UK such as the schools’ websites and Facebook pages. We shall also be able to record location, temperature, wind speed etc. and have those plotted on a Google Earth map. Students, parents and teachers back in the UK will be able to watch the progress of the expedition and see live postings and recorded postings from the expedition participants. Email alerts will automatically go out to subscribers announcing new postings. Mark told Jeremy Gane at their meeting in London that IPADIO is very keen to support projects such as the Extreme Classroom expeditions, which he believes are not only very exciting but also doing a very important job in helping youngsters who have had some major challenges to overcome.

Gane and Marshall are the official travel organisers for the Extreme Classroom Project. We have already organised expeditions to The Arctic Circle, to the African Rift Valley and in October 2013 a large group comprising special needs students, mentors and teachers will travel to Everest Base Camp. The expeditions are filmed by the BBC.

Discovery of old photos of Kilimanjaro, Arusha, and wildlife

We have been given an album of 1940's black and white photographs taken by the production team on the shoot of the 1946  film "Men of Two Worlds" - a film that had problems enough during production, and which today gives a patronising and colonial viewpoint of East Africa. 

However many of the photos we have received - including interesting shots of Kilimanjaro, Arusha, Nairobi and wildlife - are worth attention.  We shall be publishing these photos on our Facebook pages shortly: https://www.facebook.com/ganeandmarshall

Richard Parker, Mt Meru and Kilimanjaro client of Gane and Marshall, receives our thanks for his kindness and foresight in giving us this exciting portfolio of 1940's East Africa.

If you want to climb Kilimanjaro, then visit our web site at: KILIMANJARO Jeremy Gane, veteran of 21 Kili climbs and project manager of the Comic Relief celebrity climb, will help you choose your route and season, and he will personally look after your Kili booking. Gane and Marshall are the UK's most experienced Kilimanjaro climb operators.

BBC TV covers celebrity chef joining the Hottest Classroom

In July this year, Antony Worrall Thompson (centre) himself no stranger to damaged childhood, came to Tanzania specially to endorse the Extreme Classroom project and to cook a superb banquet to mark the end of the challenge .

Antony joined the group of 35 adventurers as they completed a very tough challenge trekking across remote and beautiful Maasai country in northern Tanzania.

All at Gane and Marshall were inspired by the way the students had worked with their teachers and mentors to overcome incredibly difficult and challenging childhoods.  "It was very moving and instructive to see these students adapting to the near desert conditons of the Rift Valley floor, climbing mountains, meeting the Maasai tribe, playing the most memorable game of football at Gelai village, and then marvelling at the wildlife of Ngorongoro Crater. This was my highlight of 2012." says Jeremy Gane, director of Gane and Marshall and tour operation project manager for Hottest Classroom.

Watch it now on YouTube

If you want to visit this marvellous part of Tanzania, not on the normal tourist trails, then please contact Gane and Marshall.

Tanzania - The Hottest Classroom

Yesterday the participants of ‘The Hottest Classroom’ arrived in Tanzania. The group consists of six un-teachable children, three sporting icons and three successful business dragons.  In the land of the Massai, at the extremes of the equator... they all have one goal in mind!
The children have severe emotional, medical and behavioural issues, written off as un-teachable. Many have troubled pasts and have been diagnosed with conditions such as autism and ADHD.  The school’s principal, Trystan Williams believe that labels knock a child’s confidence or offer them an excuse to fail. “Only by challenging students, will they exceed expectations, some people will think I’m mad,” Mr. Williams admits!
The expedition leaders are former Royal Marine Commando, Alan Chambers MBE, veteran of Britain’s first unsupported expedition to the North Pole. Also Dr Ed Coats who rose to fame in the race to the South Pole with James Cracknell and Ben Fogle.
The challenge that faces the pupils involves self-belief, teamwork and the spirit to overcome adversity. Those who succeed will prove a point to themselves and those who have written them off. For the expedition leaders there is the nagging doubt that the doubters maybe right and these pupils are indeed lost causes.

Catch the documentary series The Hottest Classroom on Earth, which will follow them every step and stumble along the way.

Marvellous Madagascar

I recently enjoyed a fascinating trip to Madagascar and what a unique destination this is! With a delightful choice of local accommodation, incredible scenery, unusual wildlife, colourful flora, welcoming people and delicious cuisine, I can highly recommend this remarkable destination. If you are perhaps considering Madagascar for your next holiday then please give me a call to discuss the wide variety of possibilities which are available to you. You can also view the new 12 days itinerary, which starts at £2095 including flights! Madagascar really surprised me so why not let this island surprise you too?

Contact Sarah on sarah@ganeandmarshall.com or tel: 01822 600126.     

Kyambura Gorge, Uganda

Jeremy recently stayed at this lodge which has six solar-powered chalets on stilts overlooking the savanna and volcanic crater of Queen Elizabeth National Park while the silhouette of the Rwenzori Mountains rise in the distance.  The lodge is an ideal stopping point between Rwenzori Mountains and QE National Park or Bwindi Forest for the gorillas.

The main activity is trekking Kyambura Gorge in search of a troop of wild chimpanzees but you are also likely to see hippos, waterbuck and lesser primates, including baboons and red-tailed monkeys. Birding is excellent. Book at least two treks to increase your chances of sighting chimps.  Game-viewing cruises on the Kazinga Channel are also available.

Speak to Jeremy on 01822 600600 for a first hand report.

Mount Stanley summit reached

This was an adventurous climb of Mt. Stanley in the Rwenzori Mountains of Uganda - fabulous, tough, and scary. Have a look at the photo album on our Facebook pages and let us know if you would like Gane and Marshall to organise your Rwenzori trek - great for botanists and those wanting to see simply the wonderful landscapes of the Rwenzori, without the need for a technical climb. Or we can organise your Mount Stanley Climb (NB partly technical), or Mt Baker or Weismann Peak. 

Of course we recommend a drive through Queen Elizabeth National Park and an amazing gorilla safari for afterwards.

Please contact Jeremy Gane for more information. Or call +44 (0)1822 600 600.

Congo - new rich Wildlife Area opens up

You may not have heard of Odzala-Kokoua National Park in the Republic of Congo but this wildlife rich area has just been opened up to tourism.

The Western Lowland Gorilla is considered to be critically endangered, however the numbers that occur in Odzala are found at the highest densities so far recorded for this species. In the area of Ngaga Camp Western Lowland Gorillas live in groups ranging in size from 10 to 25 individuals.

These Gorillas can be observed in two different ways, either by tracking a number of habituated groups using expert local trackers or by patiently waiting at hides on the edge of forest bais for family groups to forage.

Additional forest wildlife includes: Guereza Colobus, Grey Cheeked Mangabay, Moustached Monkey, Forest Elephant and Buffalo, Bongo, Sitatunga, Black fronted Duiker and many more species.

Fly to Brazzaville by Air France via Paris or Kenya Airways via Nairobi, thus making the destination easily combinable with an East African safari.

Accommodation is in sensitively constructed camps that blend into the forest environment. Lango Camp is nestled on the outskirts of Lango Bai and Ngaga Camp in the heart of a forest. Each camp will have just six guest rooms with a wraparound walkway.

Set departures of six nights / seven day or three night / four day itineraries are offered. Prices start at around £3450 per person based on twin share and includes all flights, accommodation, meals and activities from Brazzaville.

This is an exciting area for wildlife enthusiasts so if you are interested, please contact us for further information – T: 01822 600600  E: sarah@ganeandmarshall.com  

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