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Travel Insurance

It is a condition of booking with Gane and Marshall that you have adequate travel insurance. We recommend that you have cover in place before or as soon as you make your booking deposit for your holiday.

Your travel insurance should include cover for the activities you are booking. E.g. trekking up to 6000ms for Kilimanjaro. The policy should cover you for travel disruption. Gane and Marshall is a small independent tour operator and we cannot provide refunds for travel disruption outside of our control.

Our Affiliate Insurance Provider

Gane and Marshall is an Introducer Appointed Representative of Campbell Irvine Ltd who are Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Campbell Irvine will provide travel insurance to suit your itinerary.

Travel insurance online application: you can apply online to Campbell Irvine direct by following this link.

You can email enquiries to the following helpline address at Campbell Irvine

You can also obtain a quotation and purchase travel insurance directly from Campbell Irvine by contacting them on 020 7938 1734.

Insured already?

You may not need to take out a new insurance policy if you have your own cover through a bank account or credit card or you hold annual travel cover. We recommend that you check carefully that any free travel insurance given with your credit or debit card has sufficient cover or can be upgraded to suit your holiday with Gane and Marshall. Often these free travel insurances will be sufficient for short safari or beach holidays but not for activities such as high altitude trekking and mountain biking and other adventure activities. We do urge you to ensure that your travel insurance provider covers travel disruption.