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African Safari & Beach Holidays

In Africa you will find a wonderful kaleidoscope of geography, wildlife and peoples. Your African journey with Gane and Marshall will enable you to explore a variety of natural wonders in landscapes that have remained unspoiled for millenia.

Gane and Marshall - established in 1991 - are specialists in African safari, leisure and adventure holidays. We have run our own safari business in East Africa and know how to plan your holiday from start to finish, whether it is a safari, mountain trek, beach extension or specialist wildlife itinerary to observe a specific species. With Gane and Marshall you will be able to travel off the beaten track to the more remote and less-travelled places in Africa, as well as the "old favourites".

Our African Dream
"I first visited Africa by hitch-hiking from Yorkshire to the Sahara in the Sixties, and I still remember with total clarity the ferry crossing from Gibraltar to the North African coast and my first moments of wonder as I arrived in Tangier. Thereafter, captivated by North Africa, I several times made the overland journey to Marrakesh, Algiers and Tunis.

Since the early Nineties I have been travelling to Africa regularly with the luxury of international flights replacing the long adventure of hitch-hiking.

I never stop marvelling at the wonders of the continent and I never cease looking for adventure."

Jeremy Gane
Managing Director

Client comments on Shira8 Kilimanjaro Climb

I had a fantastic holiday climbing Kilimanjaro... made even more enjoyable because of the organisation by G&M


Our Africa Destinations


Botswana is one of Africa's greatest safari destinations, with vast areas of unspoiled wilderness teeming with wildlife.....

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Ethiopia has history and cultural richness in abundance. Trace the past from the skeleton of one of the earliest discovered hominids, our ancestor of 3.5 million years, to the remains of the Kingdom o....

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The original safari destination, Kenya has that wide geographical diversity typical of East Africa - coral-fringed coastline, savannah plains, shimmering Rift Valley lakes, acacia bush, and glaciated ....

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Founded in 1991 as a Kilimanjaro outfitter, we are one of the UK's leading Kilimanjaro climb specialists. Jeremy Gane was project manager for the Comic Relief 2009 celebrity climb.....

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Madagascar, the fourth-largest island in the world, lies in the Indian Ocean just off the coast of Mozambique, and includes several much smaller islands in its diverse archipelago.....

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There is no other country in Africa whose landscapes are so shaped and sculpted by the Great Rift Valley as Malawi, running along the western shores of the 600km Lake Malawi and rising up to highland ....

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Mauritius, despite its varied and often stunning interior geography, is an island most famous for its splendid beaches and coral reefs.....

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The new holiday discovery on the East African coast, Mozambique stretches all the way up the Indian Ocean from South Africa to Tanzania, its coastline boasting some of the finest beaches in Africa.....

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Namibia is a huge and breathtaking land, famous for its magical scenery, wide-open spaces, and excellent game-viewing.....

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Known as 'the land of a thousand hills', Rwanda is a small country of picturesque and varied landscapes which, with those of neighbouring Uganda, provide a home for Africa's last remaining mountain go....

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The Seychelles Archipelago consists of a string of 115 shimmering isles in the middle of the Indian Ocean - a perfect holiday retreat for weary travellers!....

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South Africa

Truly a world in one country, South Africa is a land of great scenic and cultural diversity, which offers an equally diverse range of holiday options, from intense Kruger safaris to relaxing Cape Town....

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The windswept plains of the Serengeti, the snows of Kilimanjaro, the exotic spice island of Zanzibar... to recite Tanzania's scenic highlights is to recite a list of Africa's most evocative place name....

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The Congo

The vast rainforests of the Republic of Congo represent Africa at its most wild and beautiful. For a long time largely closed off to tourism, this former French colony has in recent years opened up to....

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Uganda is a beautiful country of lush, bountiful rainforests and lakes that are home to a rich variety of wildlife, including a number of rare and endemic species - forest elephants, giant forest hogs....

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The birthplace of the African walking safari, Zambia is a wild, unspoiled land with a wealth of natural treasures, from the wonder that is Victoria Falls to the game-rich Luangwa Valley.....

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The spice island of Zanzibar is a world unto itself, a land of pristine beaches and vibrant Swahili culture that provides a welcome contrast to the hot and dusty safari parks of mainland Tanzania.....

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With world renowned national parks such as Hwange and Mana Pools, as well as a reputation for producing some of the best wildlife guides in Africa, fabulous game-viewing is assured when you visit Zimb....

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Okavango and Chobe Family Safari

We had a grand adventure. We'll never forget it.

John Gorman