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From the crumbling temples of Cambodia to the 24-hour rush of urban Vietnam, the neon lights of Tokyo to the peace and tranquillity of rural Laos, Asia is a land of spectacular contrasts, where hi-tech modernity meets ancient tradition.

Experience Asia with Gane and Marshall. Our small team of travel consultants can help you plan a holiday that takes in the very best of Asia, whether you want to trek the Nepali Himalayas, track snow leopards in India, or simply soak up the sun on one of South-East Asia's many beautiful beaches. Dedicated to tailor-made travel, we specialise in providing unique, individualised experiences that will take you as far off-the-beaten track as you care to go.

Acclimatising safari helps Kelly Katcher summit Kilimanjaro

[Kilimanjaro] was one of the most difficult things I've ever done, and will probably be the most memorable.

Kelly Katcher from the USA

Our Asia Destinations


Visit one of Arabia's oldest civilisations, the Sultanate of Oman, and explore its ancient architecture, magnificent mountain ranges and pristine desert wadis.....

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Situated between the high Himalaya of Tibet and the tropical climes of India, Nepal is a land of contrasts. Though most famous for its towering peaks, the self-contained "mountain kingdom" also encomp....

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To visit India is to visit another world; a chaotic, colourful world, with an extraordinary culture, fascinating history and unique wildlife.....

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Vietnam is an assault on the senses, a land of patchwork emerald green rice paddies worked by farmers wearing conical hats, remote mountains home to colourful hill tribes, a pristine coastline dominat....

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Experience historic attractions, beautiful beaches and vibrant cities on a tailor-made holiday to Cambodia. Our Cambodia holidays incorporate the popular tourist routes as well as off-the-beaten track....

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Laid-back, entrancing, romantic… Laos’s reputation as the ‘sleeping beauty’ of Indochina is well-earned. A holiday to this most isolated land will leave you charmed and inspired.....

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Thailand holidays - Explore Thailand's fascinating history, beautiful beaches, and vibrant, modern cities with Gane and Marshall, specialists in tailor-made travel to Asia and beyond.....

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For many years veiled and hidden from view, Myanmar has long been a curious enigma to outsiders. Peek behind the curtain, however, and you'll discover a land of great natural beauty and ethnic diversi....

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China is a world unto itself, a country of such scale and diversity that no short description could begin to sum it up. From the freezing snows of Harbin on the northern border with Siberia, to the tr....

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Japan entrances with a culture that is by turns beautiful, unique and unfathomable. This is a land of delightful contrasts, where futuristic skyscrapers share space with ancient Shinto shrines, and da....

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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, the “pearl of the Indian Ocean”, has seduced travellers for centuries with its balmy beaches, warm climate and its lively, beguiling culture.....

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McMahon Family - A Return to Kilimanjaro

I cannot stress enough how good the service provided by Gane and Marshall was.

Chris McMahon