Flexible Finance Options

We offer flexible options for funding your school challenge that can be tailored to your school or individual students’ needs. The primary choice, applicable to both our open and private departures, is between self-funding and sponsored.


The self-funding payment option quite simply allows student participants (or their school) to cover the cost of their challenge directly. A registration fee (equivalent to approximately 20% of the overall challenge cost) is payable upon signing up for the challenge, followed by a balance to be paid not less than two months before the expedition’s departure date.


Students also have the option to fund their challenge through sponsorship money. With the sponsored option, students are given a set fundraising target to work towards, a proportion of which is used to cover their expedition costs and the rest of which is donated to charity (typically at a ratio of 50:50, with any money raised above the minimum fundraising target going direct to the charity). As with the self-funding option, a registration fee is payable upon signing up for the challenge; this is to be paid directly by the participant or school to which they belong, and cannot be paid for out of sponsorship money.

In the event that students are unable to meet their fundraising target, our flexible payment scheme means that their parents or school will be able to help by topping up their sponsorship money, or simply by paying the outstanding balance of their challenge costs directly.

Tailor-made departures

Both of our payment options can be further adapted for private, tailor-made departures.

The view from Uhuru

Jeremy's extensive knowledge of Kilimanjaro considerably helped when preparing for the climb.

Julie and Peter