Preparing for your expedition

A Gane and Marshall school challenge typically lasts between 1 and 3 weeks, but it is the culmination of a much longer process of planning, preparation and training that begins several months in advance. These pages are designed to help with this planning process. They provide important advice on training and fundraising, and more general information on the role of student participants, teachers and parents in the build up to, and during, their expedition.

The process of planning and training for an expedition can be daunting, but also rewarding. Our step-by-step approach to challenge preparation aims to ease the burden on both students and teachers.

For students, the preparation leading up to an expedition is in many ways as important and as challenging as the expedition itself. Students will have to train physically, so as to ready themselves for what will be an arduous expedition - we help facilitate this process by providing training plans and by encouraging students to take part in UK training sessions (single-day or weekend) with their peers. In addition to their training, students who are travelling under our sponsored payment option will have to think up creative ways to raise sponsorship; students are encouraged to work together to secure their fundraising, a process which can involve the entire school.

For teachers, we handle as much of the administration and accounting in the lead up to the expedition as possible (which includes providing the necessary advice and information required for you to submit an LEA application), leaving you with more time to focus on your students. Ideally a single teacher will act as a main point of contact between Gane and Marshall and the school they represent, helping to recruit and prepare students, and where necessary liaising with parents. Teachers, too, have the option to take part in additional training, including first-aid training, though this is entirely optional.

Shut off from civilisation in the Okavango

We had a superb time. The local team did a fabulous job and everything was perfectly lined out and organized.

David and Oliver