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Volcanic Lakes in a few words...

Rwanda's lakes offer visitors glimpses into ancient African lifestyles. Here, fishermen still fish in dugout canoes unchanged in design for centuries, while the local populace can be seen working, or sitting on the shores in colourful local dress, smoking traditional wooden pipes.

Relaxing on the beach at Lake Kivu
Lake Kivu, Rwanda

Volcanic Lakes (Rwanda)

Rwanda's lakes offer visitors glimpses into ancient African lifestyles. Here, fishermen still fish in dugout canoes unchanged in design for centuries, while the local populace can be seen working, or sitting on the shores in colourful local dress, smoking traditional wooden pipes. The birdlife is fantastic and you will find flocks of pelicans, crowned cranes and malachite kingfishers on the lake shores and islands.

Lake Kivu is the largest of the numerous freshwater lakes in the valleys of Rwanda. It lies on the border between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Lakes Burera and Ruhondo, close to the gorilla-tracking centre of Ruhengeri, are often neglected gems, with the nearby Virunga Volcanoes providing a spectacular backdrop.

Idjwi, one of the largest inland islands in the world, lies at the centre of Lake Kivu and houses a large human population. The island inhabitants are friendly and reside in a number of villages, towns and resorts. Water sports in the region are excellent as are the beaches.

In and around Lake Kivu
Lake Kivu is a perfect destination for those just wishing to relax on the beach. The towns of Kibuye, Cyangugu and Gisenyi are home to a number of sights to explore as well as excellent restaurants.

Water sports are popular in the region and, on the whole, very good. 

Accommodation in Volcanic Lakes (Rwanda)

Lake Kivu Serena Hotel

Lake Kivu Serena Hotel

Lake Kivu Serena Hotel is located on the edge of Africa's 6th largest lake, Kivu, from where it enjoys a view of the Lake and, in the distance, the Virunga Mountains.

Other regions in Rwanda

Akagera National Park

Demarcating Rwanda’s north-eastern border with Tanzania, the landscape of Akagera National Park could scarcely provide more of a contrast to the terraced hills that characterise much of the rest of Rwanda.


The capital and main port of entry to Rwanda, Kigali is a relaxed city with a moderate climate and a good range of hotels. It offers easy access to Akagera, Volcanoes and Nyungwe National Parks.

Nyungwe Forest National Park

Nyungwe Forest National Park offers marvellous primate safaris, with a particular emphasis on chimpanzee viewing. Baboon, Hamlyn's monkey, and mangabey are also present in this little-visited forest park. The chimp-tracking safaris take place on foot.

Volcanoes National Park

Volcanoes National Park is situated in the Virunga Mountains in northwest Rwanda. The Virunga Mountains, among the highest in Africa, are home to the rare mountain gorilla. Gorilla trekking safaris are the park's primary attraction, but the region is also home to a diverse range of wildlife aside from the gorillas, including buffalo, hyena, duika and the rare golden monkey.

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