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Guanacaste, Manuel Antonio, Central Pacific Coastline

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Pacific Coast of Costa Rica

In the north-west of Costa Rica, on the Pacific Coast, is the province of Guanacaste, a sparsely populated region of great natural beauty. Guanacaste's beautiful beaches, many of which are within each easy reach of San José, offer warm waters all year long, while inland, the tropical rainforest of Manual Antonio National Park is a haven for a rich variety of wildlife, including sloth and capuchin.

Wildlife holiday in Costa Rica

You did a wonderful job of planning and organizing our Costa Rica holiday.

Carl & Mavis

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Costa Rica Coast to Coast

Bike, trek, kayak and raft your way across Costa Rica on this 10-day traverse, taking you from the Caribbean Coast in the east to the Pacific Ocean coastline in the west. This is a demanding challenge involving approx. 20km of rafting/kayaking, 210km of biking, and 34km of trekking over the course of six days, through challenging terrain including rainforest, mangrove swamps and volcanic foothills!


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