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At Gane and Marshall we are working to offer maximum flexibility to our clients, whether you have an existing booking with us, or are beginning to make plans for a future holiday.

Current Travel Restrictions
During the course of the past six months, the rules around international travel to/from the UK have been greatly simplified.

While it is now much simpler to for UK travellers to go abroad, there are still some limitations on international travel at the present time, as most countries have in place their own restrictions on entry. Broadly speaking, much of Europe and Africa is now open to vaccinated UK travellers, as are a number of other attractive long-haul destinations such as Canada. Parts of Asia, however, are still currently closed to UK travellers, or else the quarantining and testing requirements are so onerous as to make leisure travel unviable.

The rules are changing at a fast pace. If you are planning a holiday in the coming months and are unsure whether you will be able to travel, do please get in touch with our team on 01822 600 600 and we will be very pleased to offer our advice. Throughout the pandemic, we have been offering our clients impartial advice on where they can and cannot travel, as well as guidance on how best to navigate the Covid restrictions, and we would be delighted to help you plan your next holiday abroad!

Making a booking for 2022
During this period of lockdown, many of us are no doubt looking ahead to a future when we can travel again freely. While some travellers have already begun making holiday plans for 2022 and beyond, others will be waiting until the outlook is more certain.

To help mitigate the risk for you of planning your holiday, we are currently working to waive or to greatly reduce deposit requirements for holidays booked through us until the present restrictions on travel are lifted. Most service providers in the tourism industry - hotels, safari camps, ground handlers - are relaxing their terms & conditions in light of the current crisis, including their deposit requirements. So too are we at Gane and Marshall. This makes it possible for us to help you plan a holiday and to secure reservations with only a very limited deposit, and for some bookings, no deposit requirement at all. This policy will be implemented on a booking-by-booking basis, and there are some services which we cannot currently book without a larger deposit requirement (e.g. permits for gorilla safaris), but for the vast majority of holidays booked through us in the coming months, we expect to greatly reduce our standard deposit requirement. As the situation becomes clearer and your proposed travel dates are likely to be viable, we shall then invoice you for a standard deposit payment.

This policy extends to international flights. Gane and Marshall is ATOL-bonded, and for most international airlines we can provisionally book flight reservations without charge to you. Again, a deposit or full payment for flights will only be due 8 weeks before travel start date and only when we are confident that the relevant flights will operate. In the meantime, you will not be committed in the event that your travel plans change.

So please do contact us to discuss your holiday plans for 2022. Our travel team will be delighted to help you plan your next journey!