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Polar bear trio in Arctic Canada - Photo by Steve Morello

Bear Viewing Tours

Join a bear safari to observe Grizzly Bears in British Columbia, Brown Bears in Finland and Polar Bears in Churchill, Canada.

Grizzly Bears (Canada)

Grizzly Bears begin to appear in Canadian British Columbia in April, feeding and replacing the weight that they have lost during their long winter hibernation. Towards the end of August the salmon start their journey up river and this is when the bears fish for their favourite food! In British Columbia, you can choose to stay in the remote lodges of Knight Inlet or Tweedsmuir Park Lodge, both of which offer excellent bear viewing safaris as well as other wildlife and nature activities.

Brown Bears (Finland)

In the north of Finland, close to the Russian border, Martinselkonen Wildlife Centre is located in a stunning region of dense woodland. This is one of the best places in Finland to see and photograph Brown Bears in their natural habitat. The bear viewing season begins in May and lasts until the end of the summer. The bear-viewing takes place in comfortable and discreet wooden hides, where you sleep overnight.

Polar Bears (Canada)

Polar Bears are typically found in the Churchill area year round; however the highest concentration occurs in October and November as they wait for Hudson Bay to freeze. During your Polar Bear viewing tour you will travel in a comfortable mobile ‘Polar Rover’, which enables you to get up close for extraordinary Polar Bear viewing opportunities. The guides are extremely competent, enhancing your experience at every turn.

Grizzly, Brown or Polar Bears… whichever you want to see, contact us for advice on 01822 600 600. Or email Sarah Williams, our bear-viewing expert, at sarah@ganeandmarshall.com

Example itineraries in Bear Viewing Tours

Polar Bears in Arctic Canada

This tour visits the Churchill region of northern Canada where the world’s greatest concentration of polar bears can be found. You will travel in a comfortable and mobile ‘Polar Rover’ vehicle, which allows you to safely get up close to the bears. The group size is limited to around 15 travellers as nature is best experienced in small groups. Polar bears are typically found in the Churchill area all year round, however the highest concentration occurs in October and November.

Grizzly Bears in British Columbia

Located 80 kms north of Campbell River in British Columbia, is a wild and remote area of the Pacific Northwest known as Knight Inlet. As the longest fjord on the B.C. coast, Knight Inlet offers visitors spectacular scenery. During your stay you will be able enjoy several activities which all centre on the amazing wildlife in the area. This is a unique and untouched area of Canada.

The Bears of Tweedsmuir

The historic Tweedsmuir Park Lodge is an attractive, family-style wilderness lodge nestled within Tweedsmuir Provincial Park, Bella Coola, BC. It is situated on 60 acres of pristine wilderness land with access to a variety of activities. Originally built in 1929 as a hunting lodge, it was rebuilt in 1952 to accommodate those seeking out a more eco-friendly adventure.

Bear Viewing in Finland

This four day short break is an ideal wildlife getaway to one of Europe’s premier bear locations. You will be based at Martinselkosen Wildlife Centre, which is family-owned and began its operation in 1991. The centre is located in peaceful surroundings close to the Russian border in Suomussalmi.

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