Siwandu Safari Camp

Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania

Siwandu Safari Camp

Siwandu Safari Camp occupies a prime location in the Siwandu sector of the Selous Game Reserve. A classic safari bush camp, it offers luxury tented accommodation overlooking Lake Nzerakera.

Owned and managed by the Selous Safari Company, Siwandu Safari Camp (formerly Selous Safari Camp) has gained a reputation over the years as one of the very best tented camps in the Selous. The camp offers a fine location on the banks of Lake Nzerakera, as well as lovely tented rooms and a relaxed, unpretentious atmosphere.

Siwandu Safari Camp is located in the Siwandu area of the Selous Game Reserve, a region that is made up of a network of rivers and lakes and which attracts a rich variety of game, particularly during the dry season. This is one of the busiest areas of the Selous, in terms of wildlife (and, it must be said, in terms of visitor numbers), and offers some of the best game-viewing to be had anywhere in the reserve. Siwandu Safari Camp’s location on one of the more prominent lakes, Nzerakera, allows for a variety of game-viewing activities, both on land and water.

Siwandu Safari Camp is furnished to luxury standards, but it’s not overly fussy or pretentious. In appearance and layout it’s a traditional bush camp – unfenced, large Meru-style tents, open-air thatch public areas – but a number of features help it stand out from other camps in the Selous, not least of all its huge guest rooms and generous facilities. The public areas at Siwandu Safari Camp include a good-size swimming pool, dining area, library, lounge and bar, all built on raised decks and for the most part enjoying views of the lake.

One potential negative of Siwandu Safari Camp is that, unlike its tiny sister property Selous Private Camp, it is fairly large, with 13 tents. Though this is somewhat mitigated by the fact that the camp is divided into a northern and southern section, each with its own separate facilities.


There are 13 tents at Siwandu Safari Camp, split between the northern and southern sections of the camp. They are built on raised wooden platforms and covered by high thatch roofs. Inside, they are incredibly spacious, and feature double beds as their focal points—other furnishings include a comfy sofa, writing desk and wardrobe. A canvas partition separates the bedroom from the bathroom, which is equipped with an open-air shower.


Siwandu Safari Camp offers fixed menus, rather than buffet-style meals. Dinner is a well-presented three-course meal, complemented by a good selection of wines. There is a well-stocked bar.

Meals at Siwandu Safari Camp take place at individual tables, rather than the shared communal dining tables that are a feature of many safari camps.


- Swimming pool
- Dining area
- Lounge area


- Game drives
- Walking safaris
- River safaris
- Birding
- Fishing
- Mobile bush camping (must be pre-booked)

Child Policy

The minimum age at Siwandu Safari Camp is 6.