Savute Under Canvas

Chobe National Park, Botswana

Savute Under Canvas

Savute Under Canvas is a private mobile camp located in the comparatively quiet Savute region of Chobe National Park. It is the sister camp to Chobe Under Canvas.

Savute Under Canvas is a private wilderness camp that moves between different camping sites in the Savute region of Chobe National Park, always close to the game-rich Savute Marsh. A fully mobile camp, Savute Under Canvas changes location every five days in accordance with national park guidelines. It's not quite a fly-camp, however. Rather, Savute Under Canvas attempts to offer a back-to-basics mobile camping experience without sacrificing all of the comforts that go with a permanent camp. Its Meru-style tents are large, spacious and comfortably furnished and the mess area is attractively laid-out. Savute Under Canvas, like its sister camp Chobe Under Canvas, is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable mobile safari camps in Botswana.

The real appeal of Savute Under Canvas, however, is the game-viewing. Being a mobile camp, Savute is able to position itself in the best game-viewing spots. During Jan and Feb, the Savute area sees the annual zebra migration, a less dramatic but still spectacular variation on the great East African migration, which sees zebra and wildebeest congregate in the marsh area in huge numbers to graze. This is a great time to visit the area, if you don't mind experiencing a bit of rain!

Whatever time of year you choose to visit Savute Under Canvas, you'll be treated to a great game-viewing experience. This region of Chobe National Park attracts relatively few visitors, and differs markedly from the busy Chobe Riverfront area. The game is brilliant, with rare species such as wild dog, leopard and cheetah occasionally seen. For those wanting to escape the worst of the crowds and explore a unique region of the park, Savute Under Canvas is perfect. It works particularly well in combination with Chobe Under Canvas, allowing you to experience both sides of the park.


Savute Under Canvas offers five Meru tents accommodating two guests each. The tents are very comfortable for a mobile camp, featuring generous double beds, en-suite bathrooms with bucket showers (hot water on demand). Each also has a personal butler!

Savute Under Canvas accommodates a maximum of ten guests.


You'll be surprised what the chefs at Savute Under Canvas manage to whip up in this remote setting - everything from delicious curries to fresh cakes! Again, as with its accommodation, Savute Under Canvas offers much more than you would expect from a mobile camp.

Most meals are taken in the candlelit mess area, or, on clear nights, outside around a campfire.


- Game drives

Child Policy

Savute Under Canvas accommodates children over the age of twelve only, and at the full adult rate.