Saruni Samburu

Kalama Conservancy, Kenya

Saruni Samburu

Saruni Samburu is a stylish, Italian-owned lodge with a wonderfully remote location in the Kalama Mountains just outside of the little-visited Samburu National Reserve.

Saruni Samburu is a small Italian-owned lodge with a spectacular location in the Kalama Mountains, just outside Samburu National Reserve. Like its sister camp in the Masai Mara, Saruni Mara, Saruni Samburu enjoys a remote position, occupying pride of place in the rocky hills that surround Samburu National Reserve, with spectacular views of the plains that extend from the foot of the Kalamas into the distant horizon. The hills form part of the private Kalama Conservancy, an expanse of over 100,000 acres that attracts very few visitors.

With just six guest rooms and a wonderfully remote location in little-visited Samburu, Saruni Samburu is the perfect destination for those who want to escape the crowds. It is undoubtedly a luxury lodge, with a totally unique design, but it's also open and unpretentious, the atmosphere calm and relaxed, in keeping with its surroundings.

At the centre of Saruni is the main lounge and dining area, an open-air, partially covered structure that has been painted in earthy colours – reds, browns, terracotta – and furnished with Arabic and African decor, giving it a very rustic feel. It is entirely open at the front in order to make the most of the dramatic views of Samburuland.

Below the main lodge area, and accessed via well-maintained footpaths, is an infinity swimming pool, positioned so as to make the most of the views. The six guest cottages are scattered along the granite hilltop at some distance from each other so as to maximise privacy.

There's a great deal to do at Saruni Samburu. Morning and evening game drives are the main activity, but game walks, bush dinners, guided tours of rock art caves, and star-gazing are also on offer. The real appeal of Saruni Samburu, however, is its remote location. For those keen to escape Kenya's manic safari circuit, Saruni Samburu, like its sister camp in the Mara, offers a bit of peace and privacy.


The rooms at Saruni are just spectacular. There are six cottages, all of which have been carved into the rock. They have been scattered widely across the hill so as to maximise guests' privacy and ensure an uninterrupted view of the Samburu Reserve below. The rooms have been very much designed with these views in mind. They are entirely open at the front, with only gauze curtains (effective at keeping out insects and the elements) separating the interiors from the outside—these open during the day to allow for a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape and close at night, though you may prefer to sleep with them open.

The rooms differ in size and layout, but all share the same basic features. They are very spacious, for a start, with separate bedrooms and lounge areas, private verandah and dining area, and en-suite bathroom. The decor is carefully chosen so as to be comfortable yet not out of place with the surroundings. The bedrooms are furnished with wrought-iron four poster beds, and the bathroom facilities are carved from natural stone.


Meals are served around a communal dining table in the open-air dining area, or, if preferred, privately in your villa. There's a strong Italian emphasis to the cooking. The menus are fixed but the camp staff are very flexible with regards to dietary requirements.

Saruni also offers private bush dining—a wonderful experience.


- Swimming pool
- Viewing decks
- Dining area
- Bar


- Game drives
- Game walks
- Samburu village visits
- Rock art excursions

Child Policy

Saruni Samburu accepts children over the age of five. A number of the villas double as family units.

We would generally recommend Saruni to families travelling with older children only. The lodge is remote and isolated.