Galdessa Main Camp

Tsavo East, Kenya

Galdessa Main Camp

Galdessa Main Camp is a hidden gem, a lovely little safari camp in a quiet corner of little-visited Tsavo East National Park.

Galdessa Main Camp is one of Kenya's best-kept secrets, a stylish Italian-owned lodge tucked away in a corner of Tsavo East National Park. This is not a region of Kenya that sees a large number of visitors, but those who do find themselves here will be glad they made the effort.

Galdessa has a magnificent location, situated within a little grove of gingerbread palms on the banks of the Galana River. Though Tsavo East is not renowned as a big game park, Galdessa is well-positioned to take in much of the best of the action, overlooking a section of the river that is often busy with game. Elephant and hippo can be seen close to the camp, which is unfenced. Game drives provide an opportunity to explore the park in greater depth, taking in its unique landscapes and varied wildlife and birdlife. Black rhino are found here in healthy numbers following a successful re-introduction project (see below).

As for the camp itself, Galdessa consists of twelve bandas, grouped around a open-air dining room and lounge set under thatch. There's also a separate bush camp comprised of just three bandas and a small dining area and lounge, which is usually booked on an exclusive basis and which comes with its own private staff.


The semi-tented bungalows at Galdessa are solid, permanent structures, built on wooden platforms and spaced far enough apart to ensure a good level of privacy. Bathrooms have bucket showers (hot water on demand), and flush toilets. The rooms have a very natural, earthy feel, with furniture constructed from tree trunks and branches found within the park, dark polished wood panel floors, thatch roofing, and walls that are part canvas, part stone-and-mortar. They open onto private viewing decks.

There's a large honeymoon suite at Galdessa's private bush camp.


Tasty bush breakfasts are provided during morning game activities, while delicious Italian cuisine is served for lunch and dinner.

The menus at Galdessa are fixed, but the staff are generally very flexible. As always, it's best to let us know in advance of your dietary requirements.


- Dining area and lounge
- Private bush camp


- Walking safaris
- Game drives
- Visits to the nearby Rhino Camp conservation project

Child Policy

There are no age restrictions at Galdessa Main Camp, though it's not ideal for younger children. The camp doesn't offer any special facilities for youngsters. It's also entirely unfenced, meaning children will need to be under constant supervision.

Environmental Policy

Galdessa Main Camp is closely involved with a black rhino re-introduction project that aims to create a sustainable environment for these endangered creatures in Tsavo. So far, the project has been a success, with as many as 50 rhino now in living Tsavo, giving the park one of the largest populations in Africa.