Funzi Keys

Mombasa, Kenya

Funzi Keys

Funzi Keys is one of Kenya's most remote and exclusive beach retreats, offering stylish beach bungalow accommodation and an idyllic setting.

Funzi Island, situated just off the coast of Mombasa, is the home of this private island retreat. It's one of Kenya's most remote island resorts, offering comfortable beach bungalow accommodation for no more than twenty guests at a time.

Funzi enjoys exclusive access to a long stretch of beach. Just off the mainland coast, it's not quite comparable to the postcard perfect beaches of nearby Zanzibar and Pemba, but it's also not nearly as busy. Despite Funzi being the only resort, there are plenty of activities available on the island: sailing along the Pemba channel, various water sports, snorkelling and diving. Boat trips into Funzi creek are also a fun option—if you're lucky, you might just see a dolphin. Typical of many private island resorts, activities at Funzi tend to be more expensive than on the mainland or on Zanzibar. This is particularly so when it comes to the diving.

Funzi Keys is accessed by a 15 minute flight from Mombasa, or by a longer boat ride.


There are just nine spacious cottages at Funzi Keys, made with stone and thatch in the Swahili fashion, and accommodating two people each. They have wide net windows designed to let the sea breeze in, and private chill-out areas. Each of the rooms is individually decorated, though they share the same basic features, such as large carved Zanzibari beds and private jacuzzis with a view of the sea.


The main building at Funzi Keys has two levels, with the restaurant on the upper level. Delicious meals prepared with fresh local produce and the catch of the day are served here. There's also a well-stocked bar.


- Swimming pool
- Restaurant and bar


- Scuba diving
- Sailing
- Creek and deep-sea fishing
- Windsurfing
- Canoeing
- Boat trips up the Ramisi River or Funzi Creek

Child Policy

There are no age restrictions at Funzi Keys.