4 Rivers Floating Lodge

Cardamom Mountains, Cambodia

4 Rivers Floating Lodge

4 Rivers Floating Lodge is one of Cambodia’s best wilderness retreats; a stylish tented lodge built on floating platforms on the Tatai River, beneath the Cardamom Mountains.

4 Rivers Floating Lodge, Koh Kong, enjoys a spectacular location at the foot of the Cardamom Mountains, surrounded by jungle and overlooking the Tatai River. This is an ideal location for wildlife-watching, which is the primary attraction of 4 Rivers, one of Cambodia’s premier nature lodges.

4 Rivers Floating Lodge is like nothing else in Cambodia. Its tented rooms—of which there are just 12, connected to one another by floating wooden platforms—are more reminiscent of an African safari camp - one thinks of the water-based camps of the Okavango Delta - than Cambodia’s other coastal lodges. And like the best safari lodges, 4 Rivers feels totally in touch with its surroundings, complementing rather than dominating its natural environment. The facilities are limited - power is largely solar-generated and there’s no Wi-Fi or phone coverage - but it offers a wilderness experience that few other lodges in Cambodia can offer.

Due to its remote location, 4 Rivers Floating Lodge can only be reached by boat (around 30 minutes ride to Road 48 and a further 3-4 hours to Koh Kong).


4 Rivers Floating Lodge has twelve tented rooms accommodating no more than 25 guests. These are luxurious units with their own private terraces, en-suite facilities and a few additional amenities including a TV and DVD player (but who needs a TV with those views?) From the outside, 4 Rivers Floating Lodge’s circular tents call to mind the classic safari camps of southern Africa; inside, however, they are furnished in traditional Cambodian style with water hyacinth furnishings, including double/twin beds, armchairs and chaise longue.

4 Rivers aims to be environmentally friendly. It uses solar energy and has its own water treatment facility.


The restaurant at 4 Rivers serves a selection of delicious Cambodian and more familiar Western dishes. Ingredients are largely source locally, though with some imported products, especially gluten-free and halal.


-    Restaurant and bar
-    Library


Guided boat safaris
Visits to local villages

Child Policy

4 Rivers accepts children of all ages, though it caters mainly to couples and isn’t ideally suited to families travelling with young children.

Do note that the camp is remote and exposed to the jungle on one side and Tatai River on the other. Young children should be accompanied at all times.