Adventure holiday in Nepal

Are you thinking about taking an adventure holiday in Nepal?

Nepal is a fantastic destination for adventure and trekking holidays, with something to suit everyone, from the hardcore challenge seeker to the more relaxed traveller. If you are thinking about taking an adventure holiday in Nepal read on to discover more about Jeremy Gane’s current adventures as he revisits the beautiful lakeside town of Pokhara at the foot of the Annapurna range. Continue reading Adventure holiday in Nepal

Madagascar Wildlife Holiday – is it on your bucket list?

A Madagascar Wildlife holiday is sure to be on the travel wish list for all wildlife enthusiasts.

Did you know that Madagascar is the fourth-largest island in the world? Situated in the Indian Ocean, just off the coast of Mozambique, this wonderful island country is naturally an excellent destination for a wildlife holiday. For wildlife enthusiasts looking to experience something different from the usual safari routes of East or Southern Africa, a Madagascar wildlife holiday can offer a diverse range of ecosystems and hugely varied wildlife. The island is also an ideal destination if are interested in Africa’s rich history and culture.

Wildlife holidays to Madagascar are always unique and exciting!

A central chain of high mountains occupies more than half of Madagascar and is responsible for the differences – scenically, climatically and ethnically – between the east and west coasts. The narrow strip of lowland on the east coast is mainly covered by dense rain-forests. The broader west coast landscape is mostly Savannah. The southern tip of Madagascar is semi-desert with great spiny forests of cactus-like plants.

Madagascar is surrounded by turquoise seas, pristine beaches, and coral reefs, which offer excellent diving as well as the possibility of whale watching. The marine life here is simply among the best in Africa.

In terms of biodiversity, the island is one of a kind. There are roughly 200,000 known species with about 150,000 being endemic. This makes Madagascar a wonderful and unique wildlife holiday destination. There are more than 35 types of lemurs, 3,000 species of butterfly, 1,000 orchids and 7 kinds of baobab tree!  The island bursts with unusual and colourful flowers as well as a diversity of reptiles, amphibians and birds. You will return with great memories of your Madagascar wildlife holiday!

A Madagascar wildlife holiday can offer fabulous sightings of unique species such as Indri and Aye Aye as well as time to relax on delightful beaches on Ile Saint Marie and Nosy Be.

Read more about Gane and Marshall Madagascar here

Is a Madagascar wildlife holiday on your wish list? Or have you already been lucky enough to go? We’d love to hear your thoughts on Madagascar, please use the link to leave a reply above.

Visit the Madagascan Tourist Board here.

Tanzania Safari Lodge – we choose our Favourite Properties

Choosing a Tanzania Safari Lodge can be rather confusing. We are here to help. With over 20 years’ experience of arranging Tanzania safaris, we have personally visited most properties and  can provide you with valuable, unbiased first hand advice.

We share with you here in this blog details of where Gane & Marshall staff would stay on our own Tanzania Safari Holidays ~ ssssh don’t tell everyone or it will get crowded! Continue reading Tanzania Safari Lodge – we choose our Favourite Properties

Zanzibar attacks – Jeremy Gane interviewed on BBC Radio 5 and BBC Radio WM

The team at Gane and Marshall were shocked to hear the recent news of an acid attack on two young British girls working in Zanzibar. Tanzania and Zanzibar are, on the whole, remarkably peaceful destinations, with attacks on tourists very rare, and attacks of the kind described unheard of.

Following news of the attacks, Jeremy Gane was invited to interview on BBC Radio 5 Live (interview at 6:18 mins) and BBC Radio West Midlands (interview at 51:45). Here he discusses Zanzibar’s history, it’s Swahili culture, and the impact of tourism more generally. The interviews can be heard on iPlayer via the attached links.

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