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Captivating Kafue

Sarah, our central and southern Africa specialist, recently returned from a two week stay in Zambia, which she spent seeking out the best new lodges and game-viewing spots in Kafue National Park. Read on for her thoughts on this often-overlooked region of Africa.

Despite being the oldest and largest safari park in Zambia, Kafue remains unfamiliar territory to many safari-goers, often-overlooked in favour of the Luangwa and Lower Zambezi. This is a shame, for Kafue is a vast and beautiful park that is home to a wonderful diversity of wildlife, as I discovered on visiting the region for the first time last month. Continue reading Captivating Kafue

Botswana Fully Serviced Mobile Safari

Our Southern Africa specialist Sarah recently returned from a mobile camping safari to Botswana. Here’s what she saw:

With the annual rains due to arrive any time in December, the proposition of camping in the wet was not my idea of fun, but luck was on my side, the rains stayed away and I got to experience mobile camping with SGS safaris. Continue reading Botswana Fully Serviced Mobile Safari

Adventure Holiday in Oman

Memories of an Adventure Holiday in Oman

A guest blog by Rachel Clarke

I remember my adventure holiday in Oman very fondly. In brief I would describe Oman as a peaceful, unspoilt, friendly, intriguing  holiday destination – with plenty of sunshine and a good variety of culture, wildlife and landscapes to discover. I would highly recommend going there now, while it is still largely undiscovered. (Ssssh don’t tell everyone!) Continue reading Adventure Holiday in Oman

Client Feedback: Wonderful Tanzania photo journals

In the past month we’ve been lucky enough to receive two wonderful photo journals from clients who recently travelled with us to Tanzania. We thought we would share them with you.

Wild camping in the Serengeti
Josephine travelled to North Tanzania with her family and friends on one of our very special light mobile safaris. She was kind enough to share with us this wonderful account of her trip, full of her stunning photographs (that’s her cheetah at the top of the page!)

Solo adventure in remote Ruaha and the Selous
Janet explored the opposite end of Tanzania, visiting the southern parks of Selous and Ruaha while her husband climbed Kilimanjaro. Her account really highlights what makes Tanzania’s comparatively little-visited southern parks so special!

Many thanks to Janet and Josephine for their wonderful accounts and photos!

Client Feedback: stunning photos of Kafue NP and South Luangwa Valley in Zambia

Dr Michael Leary-Owhin recently visited the South Luangwa Valley and Kafue National Park in Zambia as part of a private photographic safari organised by Gane and Marshall. A keen photographer, Mike took some exceptional photos which he’s been kind enough to share with us, and which we in turn want to share with you. Continue reading Client Feedback: stunning photos of Kafue NP and South Luangwa Valley in Zambia

Great offers on Brown Bear and Polar Bear tours

Those in receipt of our newsletter will know that we’ve just cut the cost of our brown bear and polar bear tours to Finland and Canada this year by as much as £600 per person. You can now travel to Finland for a weekend bear-viewing tour for £595pp before flights, or track Polar Bears in Arctic Canada for only £2695pp. These great offers on our bear-viewing tours are only available for a select period.
Continue reading Great offers on Brown Bear and Polar Bear tours

April Travel Offers – Great deals on African safaris and Arctic Cruises

Take advantage of today’s great exchange rates when booking your next holiday

The Pound is currently enjoying a very strong exchange rate against the US Dollar, Euro and Rand, reducing the cost of holidays to Africa, Asia, and the Polar regions. Coupled with regular offers from hotels and airlines, there has never been a better excuse to travel!

Below are some of our favourite travel offers, but if you have a particular destination or property in mind, please do contact us as there are more offers than we have space for. Please do also take a look at the special offers page of our website, which we update regularly with new travel offers.

Continue reading April Travel Offers – Great deals on African safaris and Arctic Cruises

Ethiopia Historic Route

Ethiopia Historic Route – Unforgettable and unique

Traversing Ethiopia’s Historic Route is a mesmerising and unique travel experience that will leave you with unforgettable memories, fabulous photographs, and many unanswered questions.

priest angels

Mention that you are going to Ethiopia, and most will immediately reference the famines of the 1980s, tell you that there is nothing there and ask you why you want to go? Well you can be fully confident in your response that Ethiopia has some of the world’s most spectacular, exciting and least visited historical treasures. Or you may not wish to tell them at all, so that you can preserve the intimate secrecy of this very special travel destination and keep its treasures all to yourself!

Continue reading Ethiopia Historic Route

Madagascar Wildlife Holiday – is it on your bucket list?

A Madagascar Wildlife holiday is sure to be on the travel wish list for all wildlife enthusiasts.

Did you know that Madagascar is the fourth-largest island in the world? Situated in the Indian Ocean, just off the coast of Mozambique, this wonderful island country is naturally an excellent destination for a wildlife holiday. For wildlife enthusiasts looking to experience something different from the usual safari routes of East or Southern Africa, a Madagascar wildlife holiday can offer a diverse range of ecosystems and hugely varied wildlife. The island is also an ideal destination if are interested in Africa’s rich history and culture.

Wildlife holidays to Madagascar are always unique and exciting!

A central chain of high mountains occupies more than half of Madagascar and is responsible for the differences – scenically, climatically and ethnically – between the east and west coasts. The narrow strip of lowland on the east coast is mainly covered by dense rain-forests. The broader west coast landscape is mostly Savannah. The southern tip of Madagascar is semi-desert with great spiny forests of cactus-like plants.

Madagascar is surrounded by turquoise seas, pristine beaches, and coral reefs, which offer excellent diving as well as the possibility of whale watching. The marine life here is simply among the best in Africa.

In terms of biodiversity, the island is one of a kind. There are roughly 200,000 known species with about 150,000 being endemic. This makes Madagascar a wonderful and unique wildlife holiday destination. There are more than 35 types of lemurs, 3,000 species of butterfly, 1,000 orchids and 7 kinds of baobab tree!  The island bursts with unusual and colourful flowers as well as a diversity of reptiles, amphibians and birds. You will return with great memories of your Madagascar wildlife holiday!

A Madagascar wildlife holiday can offer fabulous sightings of unique species such as Indri and Aye Aye as well as time to relax on delightful beaches on Ile Saint Marie and Nosy Be.

Read more about Gane and Marshall Madagascar here

Is a Madagascar wildlife holiday on your wish list? Or have you already been lucky enough to go? We’d love to hear your thoughts on Madagascar, please use the link to leave a reply above.

Visit the Madagascan Tourist Board here.