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Photos & highlights from the #walkingsbrilliant Coast to Coast Hadrian’s Wall Challenge

We completed the Coast to Coast Hadrian’s Wall Challenge last month, reaching the sea at Little Haven Beach, South Shields, on 18th July.

The #walkingsbrilliant group was amazing. Comprised of several ex-pro footballers and other folk connected to the world of football, the group trek was undertaken to support the W.A.T.C.H. non-profit organisation, which raises funds for mental health charities and the NHS.

The challenge was over five trekking days, with each day of the trek being around 30kms, or 18 to 19 miles, and of course we did this over 5 days back to back! The total distance covered was around 90 miles / 144kms. It was a tough and demanding walk, but the group were well-prepared.

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the Hadrian’s Wall Coast to Coast Trek in support of W.A.T.C.H. sets off!

Today marked the first day of the Hadrian’s Wall Coast to Coast trek in support of W.A.T.C.H. The 5-day expedition will see a team of ex pro footballers trek 85 miles across some of the most beautiful regions of northern England over the course of 5 days, as they complete the classic route from Bowness-on-Solway, near Carlisle, to Newcastle. The team are walking under the banner of W.A.T.C.H., a non-profit that aims to raise awareness about mental health issues in ex-athletes, and will be raising money for NHS and Mental Health Charities.

Our own Jeremy Gane is completing the walk with the group, and sent us the following update from day 1 of the trek:

“Walkings Brilliant is their motto and 13 brilliant walkers they were. Led by ex pro football celebrities Mark “Big Norm” Crossley, Dean Windass, Nigel Jemson, Chris Kirkland, Steve Howey, Jon Parkin, and cheered on by comedian Gaz Marshall, the walkers managed the first day with energy, humour, and a few blisters, as they trekked 29.4kms from Bowness-on-Sea to Low Crosby. This first day of this tough trek gives a great indication of fitness levels, and the serious training they had done was evident. Tomorrow a tougher challenge with the 30kms undulating trek from Low Crosby to Cawfields Quarry. Tonight a beer and a chance to rest those aching legs.”

We’ll aim to have more updates, along with photos, on our blog as the group continue their journey through rural Cumbria and Northumberland towards Newcastle. You can also follow the group on social media at https://twitter.com/walkingsbrill and via #walkingsbrilliant!

Climbing Kilimanjaro

Part Three – Climbing Kilimanjaro

In the third of our blogs on climbing and trekking in East Africa, Jeremy Gane looks back fondly on 30 years of leading and organising Kilimanjaro climbs.

I often think of the vast, wild, high slopes of Kilimanjaro. Volcanic rock broken down by millennia of cold and wind to become a moonscape of fractured pinnacles and high-altitude desert. I love so much those higher slopes when I climb Kilimanjaro, these wild and wonderful places, where solitary raptors soar above, shy antelope, and occasionally even a leopard may cross the trail. It is peaceful there.

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Trekking and climbing in kenya

Part Two – Trekking and climbing in Kenya

South of Ethiopia is found Africa’s original safari destination and also a mecca for rock climbers, mountaineers and trekkers. My first visit to Kenya was in the late Nineties when the famous climber Mark Savage helped me organise a trek on Mount Kenya to Point Lenana – the trekkers’ peak . I recall a leaky tent, awful food and reaching Point Lenana in a heavy snowstorm. Yet, the incredible beauty of the Mount Kenya massif enthralled me. In particular the twin peaks of Nelion and Batian – the technical summits of the mountain. Back then I had no experience of rock climbing and those awesome peaks were totally off limits for me. Much later in 2015 and 2016 I was to return to attempt the technical summits of Mount Kenya – Batian and Nelion. My first and poor attempt on Batian was followed by a happier climb up to Nelion Peak and the Gate of Mists.

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