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the Hadrian’s Wall Coast to Coast Trek in support of W.A.T.C.H. sets off!

Today marked the first day of the Hadrian’s Wall Coast to Coast trek in support of W.A.T.C.H. The 5-day expedition will see a team of ex pro footballers trek 85 miles across some of the most beautiful regions of northern England over the course of 5 days, as they complete the classic route from Bowness-on-Solway, near Carlisle, to Newcastle. The team are walking under the banner of W.A.T.C.H., a non-profit that aims to raise awareness about mental health issues in ex-athletes, and will be raising money for NHS and Mental Health Charities.

Our own Jeremy Gane is completing the walk with the group, and sent us the following update from day 1 of the trek:

“Walkings Brilliant is their motto and 13 brilliant walkers they were. Led by ex pro football celebrities Mark “Big Norm” Crossley, Dean Windass, Nigel Jemson, Chris Kirkland, Steve Howey, Jon Parkin, and cheered on by comedian Gaz Marshall, the walkers managed the first day with energy, humour, and a few blisters, as they trekked 29.4kms from Bowness-on-Sea to Low Crosby. This first day of this tough trek gives a great indication of fitness levels, and the serious training they had done was evident. Tomorrow a tougher challenge with the 30kms undulating trek from Low Crosby to Cawfields Quarry. Tonight a beer and a chance to rest those aching legs.”

We’ll aim to have more updates, along with photos, on our blog as the group continue their journey through rural Cumbria and Northumberland towards Newcastle. You can also follow the group on social media at and via #walkingsbrilliant!

Client Feedback: Rhodedendrons in bloom in the Annapurna Himalayas

Phil and Patti travelled with us to Nepal in March-April of this year on a lodge-based trek in the Annapurna region – their third such journey with Gane and Marshall! They were kind enough to share with us some of their photos, which really capture the beauty of the Annapurna region at this time of year – a time associated with blue skies and the spectacular rhododendron bloom.

Many thanks to Phil and Patti!

Client Feedback: Tanzania Family Safari VLOG, by Amy and Sofia Daniels

Amy and Sofia Daniels travelled to Tanzania with us in July on a family safari, covering the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire and Lake Manyara.

Whilst there, Amy and Sofia “vlogged” their entire trip, uploading a 4-part series of their travels to youtube. The in-depth videos, which we’re delighted to share on our blog, highlight wonderfully the appeal of northern Tanzania at this time of year, and the experience of a family safari.

You can find the individual videos embedded below, and also on Amy’s youtube channel.


Travel there, Rivertrees Country Lodge, and half day drive in Lake Manyara National Park


Tour of tents in the Serengeti, half day and full day drives in the Serengeti, special footage of elephants at the end of the day when we were super up close


Leaving the Serengeti, mini tour of our room and view at Marera Valley Lodge, full day drive in Ngorongoro Crater


Tour of accommodation at Roika Tented Lodges in Tarangire, afternoon game drive in Tarangire, really up close with elephants again, final day at Arusha Country Lodge, tour of Shanga social enterprise

Thank you to Amy and Sofia for sharing with us their footage!

North Tanzania during the Green Season (Photo highlights)

In May of this year I travelled to north Tanzania for 2 weeks, exploring the classic northern circuit safari route as well as Lake Natron and the Maasai territories around Ol Doinyo Lengai. Though ostensibly Tanzania’s low season, I found May to be a wonderful time to travel in the country. Tarangire proved especially beautiful, its usually dry and dusty northern plains turned lush and green after the rains, while the central Seronera region of the Serengeti offered stunning game viewing without the heavy vehicle traffic usually associated with this region of the park. Only in the Ngorongoro Highlands and around Karatu did we feel the impact of the rains.

Below is a selection of photos taken during my stay which I hope highlight the appeal of travelling to Tanzania during this often-overlooked season:

My Antarctic Voyage – Exploring the Antarctic Peninsula

In the third and final of her blogs detailing her journey into Antarctica, G&M wildlife consultant Sarah Williams describes exploring the Antarctic Peninsula, and her return to Argentina.

Sailing from South Georgia, sometime during the night we crossed the 60-degree line which meant that we were officially in Antarctica!  

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