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Arctic Polar Bear Tours – Where and when to go

Arctic Polar Bear Tours

For many wildlife enthusiasts a Polar Bear tour to see these great white bears of the Arctic in their natural surroundings is right at the top of their wish list. The polar bear is a stunningly beautiful and regal creature that just demands respect! It is the largest land predator in the world and an extremely powerful hunter. Its flat, oar-like feet make it a remarkable swimmer, while its acute sense of smell allows it to locate seats even under the ice. Watching a polar bear hunt its prey is an unrivalled wildlife spectacle.

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Antarctic Cruise – Voyage of a Lifetime

An Antarctic cruise is a truly adventurous and spectacular travel experience – a real voyage of a lifetime. For wildlife enthusiasts, the vast white expanse of Antarctic is home to a surprising abundance of wildlife. Whichever Antarctic cruise itinerary you choose, you can expect to see stunning concentrations of Antarctic wildlife, including the largest king penguin colonies on the planet! Continue reading Antarctic Cruise – Voyage of a Lifetime

Arctic Cruises

Discover our Arctic Cruises at spectacular prices – departing 2014

Our luxury Arctic Cruises will take you to one of the furthest ends of the Earth. The polar regions are among the last true wilderness areas in existence, and there’s no better way to explore them than on one of our Arctic Cruises, where you can enjoy the unique wildlife and spectacular scenery of the Arctic up close and in comfort. Continue reading Arctic Cruises