Madagascar Wildlife Tour

Are you dreaming of a Madagascar Wildlife Tour?

Madagascar is a relatively undiscovered jewel, situated just off the coast of south east Africa and renowned for its unique wildlife. Although there are a number of excellent reasons to travel to Madagascar, most visitors consider observing unusual wildlife as their primary incentive.

A tailor made Madagascar wildlife tour can be designed to suit your particular interests, whether you want to explore the island’s rich marine life or visit its famous Lemur colonies. A good Madagascar itinerary should ideally include several national parks and reserves where your chances of seeing a particular species, including the many different varieties of Lemur that are endemic to the island, are greatly increased. For instance, the park of Andasibe in the east is known for its outstanding sightings of Indri, the largest of the Lemur species, recognisable by its haunting, distinctive call; while in the south east, Berenty Reserve has a good population of Verreaux Sifakas – or dancing lemurs, as they are often called, on account of their tendency to move by hopping! A community-run park which is well worth visiting is Anja Park, located in the south/central region. This small, attractive park is home to several troops of ring tailed lemurs who inquisitively check you out as you sit on huge granite boulders admiring the stunning scenery.

Depending on your particular interests, a Madagascar Wildlife Tour can include mammals or birds or a combination of both. Madagascar is actually one of Africa’s birding hotspots due to the number of endemic species found on the island. At one time Madagascar was home to a giant land bird called the Elephant bird which stood over ten feet tall. These birds became extinct in the last few hundred years but you can still find fragments of their giant eggs on the beaches in the south of the island.

Madagascar offers fabulous whale watching opportunities, especially off the coast of Ile Sainte Marie during the months July to September. A large number of humpback whales make their annual migration from the Antarctic to the calm waters around Ile Sainte Marie where they calve, take care of their young and join in mating behaviour.

If you have not discovered the delights this unique island can offer with its charming people, delicious cuisine and wonderful wildlife, consider booking a Madagascar wildlife tour soon. We are one of the UK’s specialists in Madagascar tours, and can help you plan the perfect holiday to this remote and beautiful destination.

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