The first official ascent of Kilimanjaro’s North Face – departing in two days!

On 26 June, 5 adventurous climbers will depart from London on a flight to Kilimanjaro. They are to attempt to summit Kilimanjaro via its northern flank, in what will be the first official summit attempt via the newly opened North Face Route.

The group will be raising funds for the Special Boat Service Association, and are being supported by the Hogg Robinson Group.
Keep an eye on our blog over the coming weeks, as we provide regular updates from the climbers as they progress towards the summit of Africa’s highest mountain.

About the North Face Route:
This unique and rarely-trodden route ascends Kilimanjaro via its northern flank. In June 1999 Tanzanian guide Julius Minga and Jeremy Gane visited the north side of Kilimanjaro to look for a new route up the north face. Eventually they found a route up which involved some technical climbing. In January 2017 Jeremy and two UK climbers Alan and Wayne organised and participated in a successful recce to find a non-technical route up the north face. This recce provided the route map for the climb taking place this June, which will be the first officially-sanctioned commercial ascent.

The group will approach Kilimanjaro from the west before contouring around the mountain to its northern face via Moir Hut and the Lent Group. The greatest challenge follows, as they cross the Kibo Crater from north to south, on this completely new route.
Given the requirement for a daylight ascent up the North Face and a full crossing of the Crater, this is going to one of the most exciting programmes on Kilimanjaro.

Gane and Marshall has exclusive permission from the Kilimanjaro Park Authorities to organise the first commercial climbs on the North Flank route.

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