Tanzania Safari – Perfect for your first Safari Holiday

Undecided about booking a safari holiday? We would like to recommend a Tanzania Safari as an ideal first safari experience.

If you have never previously experienced a safari but are interested in knowing more about what to expect, then read on…

Many people feel a little nervous about booking a safari type holiday, not sure if it’s the kind of holiday for them. Well Gane and Marshall’s safari experts are here to guide you and make recommendations so that your first safari experience is a memorable one.  Please don’t think that a safari holiday is beyond your budget, there are lots of well-priced options too!

Introducing a Tanzania Safari

For a first timer, you cannot beat a Tanzania safari. The country has it all and only an eight hour flight from London!  If you’re interested in viewing wildlife in their natural habitat, staying in lodges/camps with beautiful views, enjoy the company of like-minded people and love the feeling that you are really escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life – then a safari is definitely for you!

A typical Tanzania safari day starts early when you are woken around dawn. After a quick cuppa you set off searching for wildlife with your driver/guide who is excellent at spotting animals that are most active during the cooler times of the day. If you are lucky you may observe the thrill of a kill or happen across a predator who is enjoying the spoils of an earlier kill.

You return to your accommodation for a delicious breakfast when it begins to get hot as the wildlife retreats to the shade. The following hours are free to do as you wish, maybe time by the pool, a nap or you can wander around the grounds of your accommodation bird watching or taking photographs.

Afternoon tea is served around 4 pm followed by your second game drive of the day. As the heat of the sun begins to ease the wildlife emerges and once again, aided by your guide, keep your eyes open for any action. After only a few days you’ll be surprised how quickly you will be able to spot wildlife for yourself.  At a scenic spot you will stop for a sun downer drink, the best time of the day!

For your first Tanzania Safari we would suggest visiting the unique Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti, Tarangire and Lake Manyara National Parks. These regions will offer you a real contrast of scenery and wildlife.

A safari is completely safe, you remain inside the vehicle and your experienced guide understands how to approach wildlife without distressing them but at the same time providing you with the best viewing and photographic opportunities.

Clothing wise, safaris are very casual affairs!  During your Tanzania Safari it’s recommended that you wear colours that blend into the scenery, greens and beige clothing works best. Essential items are a pair of binoculars, a camera and a hat!

Many people return from their first safari completely hooked, so why are you waiting, call us today on 01822 600 600 to discuss a Tanzania safari tailor-made just for you.

If you have any doubts or concerns about your first safari holiday please comment below and we will respond. If you are an experienced safari traveler please share your tips.


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